The Ash Creek Conservation Association is a non-profit community organization, whose mission is to advocate for the protection and restoration of the Ash Creek Tidal Estuary.


  • To educate the public and Bridgeport/Fairfield residents of the significance of tidal estuaries such as Ash Creek in their crucial role as delicate environments for the maintenance of bird, fish, and plant life.

  • To educate about the potential source of pollutants whenever there is human activity in the area. For example, marinas and boat usage increase toxics, affect nutrients, and have an impact on the ecology of the Creek.

  • To advocate for restoration and protection of Ash Creek tidal estuary from ill planned encroachments and development which could significantly harm the ecological balance of nature in the area.

  • To work for identification and designation of especially sensitive areas in Ash Creek estuary for special protection under DEP and EPA.

  • Obtaining designation of Ash Creek estuary as a wildlife sanctuary and Connecticut coast birding trail which would allow for funding from the Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Act Program, the Wildlife division of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

  • To develop sites and a trail along Ash Creek tidal estuary for visitor observations of the variety of species of birds that visit and nest here each year.

  • To encourage the use of the Creek for aesthetic enjoyment for the people who live, work, and play around it. Ash Creek tidal estuary is the heart of Bridgeport’s park of St Mary’s-by-the-Sea.

  • To petition for funding to achieve these goals and objectives.

  • To establish a community newsletter so as to increase community collaboration in both Bridgeport and Fairfield areas continuous to the Creek. This would increase effectiveness in our efforts to save Ash Creek from pollution and development.

    • The Ash Creek Conservation Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization which has been in existence since April of 2003.


      Gail Robinson, Ph.D.,  President

      Professor L. Kraig Steffen, Vice President

      Attorney Ed Piquette, Treasurer

      Mary Jean Erkan, Secretary

      Donna M. Curran

      Lilyan Hawkins

      Andre Ruellan

      John Gibson



      The Connecticut Conservation Association

      Connecticut Audubon Society

      Aspetuck Land Trust

      Black Rock Garden Club (coastal invasive species, restoring natural habitat along shoreline)

      New England Grassroots Organization

      Rivers Alliance

      Save the Sound



      If you see wildlife in trouble, please call Wildlife Rescue at 203-544-9913.



      Our phone number is 203-335-6690 or contact us via e-mail at ashcreekassoc@optonline.org