Fall 2011 Event - "Why Ash Creek Matters"

On a rainy, windy evening on October 19th 60 people attended ACCA's fall event, an expert panel discussion on "Why Ash Creek Matters."  Milan Bull, Senior Director of Science and Conservation for Connecticut Audubon mentioned that 250 different species of migratory birds have been documented in Fairfield.  Most estuaries have been developed, so Ash Creek becomes an important stopover area for migratory shorebirds and is also important for nesting birds such as the osprey, which have now been enjoying their nest platform in Ash Creek for the past 20 years.  Milan explained that there aren't

Ash Creek Enhancement Project

The Ash Creek Conservation Association hired two environmental experts, a wetlands scientist, Dr.

Ash Creek Restoration Concept

Ash Creek Enhancement Project

This morning the City planted 300 containers of American Beach Grass, 50 Beach Plum shrubs, 50 Sand Cherry shrubs, and 50 Staghorn Sumac bushes at the sand spit.  They didn't prepare the soil and don't plan to water the plantings (please click on Read More at bottom).  The forecast doesn't call for rain for the next five days, but let's hope there is enough moisture in the ground from recent rains for the plantings to take hold and that there was enough sand left after Tropical Storm Irene

City and DEEP Reach Agreement on Sand Spit Plantings

The City of Bridgeport will begin plantings tomorrow along the area facing the Sound, where the beach grass plantings had been scraped off earlier this summer.  The City met with the Ash Creek Conservation Association, the Black Rock NRZ, and the consulting firm that is working on the Parks Plan late this afternoon to share the plan and to begin to forge a spirit of cooperation in working together going forward.  There will be four different types of plants which will provide biodiversity and help to establish a dune community over time rather than the flat disturbed conditions that now exi

Storm Damage on St. Mary's Sand Spit


Letter to the Editor on Dangers of Swimming at St. Mary's Sand Spit

A Letter to the Editor, by retired Bridgeport public nurse, Edie Cassidy, was published on August 11, 2011 in the Connecticut Post.


Creek presents real danger

In reference to Gail Robinson’s letter last week about the Ash Creek beach area, the safety issue needsto be reiterated. People must be re­minded about the extreme danger of even wading in the water between the Bridgeport side and the Fairfield side. Years ago there were a number of drownings in the creek because of the very strong current in the channel.

More Published Letters to the Editor

Thank You!

We want to thank all 68 signers to the Letter to the Editor, which appeared most recently in The News (of Bridgeport's North End and Black Rock) on July 28, 2011 in addition to publication by the Connecticut Post and Len Grimaldi's Only in Bridgeport blog.  

Your e-mails have been very helpful in getting media attention and the direct attention of City officials on this matter.  With so many pressing issues in the City, it is easy for City officials to overlook the restoration of the sandspit and the longer term protection and preservation of the Ash Creek tidal estuary. 

Mears Dock Being Constructed During Spring Migration

You may have seen a barge with a derrick and heard pilings being driven in Ash Creek between March 17 and March 24.  Several members of the Ash Creek Conservation Association witnessed this and took photos.  ACCA contacted the DEP on March 21, March 22, and March 23, but it wasn't until March 24 that ACCA got a response from the DEP thanking us for for the photos and verification of the dates of the violations.  They said they would review Mr. Mears’ permit and then decide how they would proceed.  As it stands right now ACCA won’t have a formal role (i.e.

Mears Dock Construction March 24, 2011

DEP Reverses Decision on Toner Dock

 In its last update on June 24, 2009, the Ash Creek Conservation Association announced they had won a major victory with regards to the Toner dock application.  The permit to build the 60 foot dock which would berth a 24 foot powerboat was denied by the DEP Adjudications Office in a Proposed Final Decision issued on June 23, 2009.  This was an important ruling because it would not only impact Toner’s dock, in denying the dock application, but future dock applications, (if any) in tidal wetlands throughout Connecticut that include powerboat useage.  The Final Ruling by the DEP Commissioner u

Toner Dock