Artist Donates Ash Creek Painting


Gail Bell, a local landscape painter, is doing a series of paintings on Ash Creek.  She donated half the proceeds from the sale of the painting of Ash Creek shown above at our December 5th event.  We held a Silent Auction for the event.  Congratulations to the winning bidders, Nora Galvin and Joe Hendrick.  The painting sold for $190.


More about the artist...

Gail Bell moved to Fairfield in 2004. She and her husband lived in Black Rock for several years prior. She had "dabbled" in the arts (photography, sketching) for years. Never really finding what she loved.  She loves the Impressionist Style, and Romantic period of painting, she also wanted to make it contemporary, with a true style for today. Trained at Silvermine Arts Guild, New Canaan, Connecticut, she fell in love with painting. Loving the outdoors and wanting to preserve the area she now lives in, it all came together.  "It was easy, to paint what you know and love. I want to preserve the beauty of Ash Creek and my local area. Bring to light the beauty in things we pass everyday but might miss. Find the beauty in your own backyard."  "My goal is to create paintings that will be as relevant tomorrow as today- combining contemporary style with classic feel"



Gail Bell

Fairfield, Connecticut



Ash Creek painting by artist Gail Bell