Letter to the Editor on Dangers of Swimming at St. Mary's Sand Spit

A Letter to the Editor, by retired Bridgeport public nurse, Edie Cassidy, was published on August 11, 2011 in the Connecticut Post.


Creek presents real danger

In reference to Gail Robinson’s letter last week about the Ash Creek beach area, the safety issue needsto be reiterated. People must be re­minded about the extreme danger of even wading in the water between the Bridgeport side and the Fairfield side. Years ago there were a number of drownings in the creek because of the very strong current in the channel.

For years, parents warned their children to stay away from that ar­ea, and for a generation the kids did stay away and there were no fatali­ties. In the past year a child almost drowned but for the quick thinking of two EMS men who saw the child was in danger. I am afraid that was just the beginning. Since the city cleared the area to use as a beach, the children and adults using it are at risk, because on a warm day it is tempting to go into the water. Large signage warning of the danger must be put on the beach and the area roped off. If we lose any children to that treacherous current the city is culpable and must be held account­able.

Edie Cassidy Bridgeport




Posted on Andrew Warde's High School website http://www.andrewwarde.com/2010/07/andrew-wardes-legendary-football-coach.html 

A man was wading at St. Mary's when he was caught off guard by a swift undercurrent.  It's important to know that even wading is potentially dangerous at St. Mary's, not just swimming.